12 Places in the World Where People Live Longer

Friends, many countries ago people’s life span was more than 100 years. But nowadays you must have seen that the life span of your grandfather or grandmother is only 60 to 70 years, which is very less than before and health is not good till this age. You must know that the age of people is also decreasing because now many food items on our earth contain chemicals which harm our body. But let me tell you that there are some places in the world where people still live for 100 years.

Friends, let me tell you that all these places are known as Blue Zone. And the people who live in these places enjoy life for 20 years more than us. You have been told about all the places and this place is very beautiful, see all of you

Sardinia, Italy

This island of Italy is very beautiful and it comes in the second largest island of the world. The life expectancy of the people here is very long, people here often enjoy life for a decade, but they live life even more than that. If we talk about Sardinia, then let me tell you that the situation is bad for the health care of this place. But living so much life with these people is a medical miracle

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