This is how you can clean your bathroom tiles in no time

The trick

Bathroom tiles can be cleaned very well in a domestic way, but let’s know-how. You should have a few materials like cleaning vinegar, dish soap, a sponge, an empty spray bottle along with an old toothbrush. With the help of all these, you can clean the bathroom tiles very easily. you must use it

How it works

First of all, you have to do warm water, then after soaking the bathroom tiles with hot water, remove the dirt properly and scrub the grout with the help of a toothbrush. For you have to mix 50% warm water and 50% cleaning vinegar and spray on the tiles but keep in mind that the spray should not be left anywhere because if the spray is not applied on the tiles, then the tiles will not be cleaned, then at least 20 Leave it like this for 30 minutes. By doing this, with the help of warm water and cleaning vinegar, dirt and yellowing will start to come out. Now start scrubbing by applying dish soap to your sponge. Then after some time when you wash it with water, you will see that your tiles have started shining like before. You can easily do this at home and you will get very good results.

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