You can clean the gas burners on your stove in no time with this easy trick

1: Coke

Have you ever thought that along with drinking coke, you can clean the gas burner with it, friends, let me tell you that there is a small trick to clean the gas burner with a little coke, which you can do but how?, To clean the gas burner, put it in a bowl and pour a small amount of coke over it. But see that the coke should be in the right quantity so that the scorched fat on it can be easily absorbed into the coke. Then wait for some time so that the coke can do its work, then you can easily remove the stain with the help of a sponge. You will be shocked when you see the result

2: Washing powder

Washing powder is in everyone’s house and if you do not have it at home, then you can take it from the market, it is easily available anywhere. As you know that no matter how clean the gas burner is kept, still there are stains due to burnt fat. I will tell you a trick that you can try! You have to make a thick mixture of washing powder with some water, put it on your gas burner and then leave it for at least 10 to 15 minutes. With which you will see after some time that the burnt fat has swelled and the spots have also disappeared. With its help, you can clean the gas burner

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