Put a clove of garlic inside the toilet for this brilliant reason

Garlic in your toilet

All of you must be wondering why a bud of garlic should be kept in the toilet. Let me tell you that garlic is a very good and natural medicine. It has a very profound effect on disinfectants. As all of you people know that nowadays many strong chemicals in the market can be purchased easily so that people clean their toilets, but I tell you that they clean the toilet but they are your health Can be very harmful to. Therefore, if you want to clean the toilet in a natural way, then you can use garlic properly to clean your toilet, and does not have any harmful effects on your health. Garlic contains an element called allicin that protects from bacteria and fungus

How it works

You must be wondering how it works, but let me tell you that it works in a very easy way. You just have to drop a garlic bud in your toilet. Keep in mind that if the bud is dropped in the toilet, then let it stay in the toilet for a long time, so it will be able to do its work properly. Or you can do this to leave the night and in the morning you will see that the garlic bud has done its work. In the morning you flush the toilet again. Do this at least one to 2 times a week, so that your toilet will be completely cleaned.

Yellow stains in your toilet

Many people are troubled by yellow spots in the toilet because everyone wants their toilet to be clean and shiny. If you want to make your toilet shiny like before, then you can use a clove of garlic. Now you must be wondering what will happen to a bud of garlic, so let me tell you that you can easily remove the stains with its help. Finely chop two or three cloves of garlic or you can press it with the help of someone. Then let you soak the garlic cloves in boiled water for 20 to 25 minutes. You can then pour this mixture into your toilet so that it will clean all the stains from your toilet. Leave this mixture for at least 5 to 6 hours so that the garlic can do its job.

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