Craziest Gifts Olympic Medal Winners Ever Received

Friends, winning medals for Olympic athletes is a big deal and it is enough. When they get a gold, silver, or bronze medal, it gives them pride. No further awards are given to the International Olympic Committee Olympic athletes

But to inspire Olympic athletes, many countries have come up with different ways to honor them. If someone wins a gold medal at the Olympians, the U.S. $37,500 is given, and $22,500 for silver medals, $15,000 for bronze. And let me tell you that this prize is divided among all the members for team competitions.

Friends, people of all countries want that someone should bring a medal for their country and Many more gifts are given to the Olympic medalists and they are also honored

BMWs And Audis

Russia is always ready to give something big to its Olympic medalists. When after 2008, Russia’s winners in the Summer and Winter Games have been awarded to BMW or Audi. BMW X6 for the Olympic gold winner in Rio 2016 and BMW X5 for the silver winner, BMW X4 for the bronze winner All these are awarded to the Olympic medalists

But friends, let me tell you that all Olympic athletes do not like luxury cars or are not very happy. Because in 2016 an Olympic athlete was caught immediately selling his car. And someone else criticized the car very much which he got but let me tell you that not all people do this, everyone has their own choice and some people also like the car

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