With these five tips you can clean your toilet more easily

Toilet cleaning should be done from time to time, if you do not clean your toilet on time, then there are thousands of bacteria in the toilet which can spoil your health. Therefore, in this post, you have been given some such tips, with the help of which you can easily clean the toilet. And always keep in mind that clean your toilet as soon as possible so that the bacteria and dirt are less. Many people put off cleaning the toilet for a while

clean your toilet

1. Do not use chlorine

Do you use chlorine to clean your toilet? So let me tell you that you do not have to do this now because it does not even clean the toilet completely and your hard work also goes in vain. This is also because it does not help against limescale. The better thing you can do is to mix vinegar in a cup and sprinkle green soap on the toilet. After some time you will see that this mixture dissolves both the limescale and bacteria together. This method is a very easy way to clean the toilet, which you can do in a very short time, without any trouble.

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