With these five tips you can clean your toilet more easily

2. Clean toilet brush

As you all know that the toilet is cleaned with a toilet brush, but many people put the brush back in its place after cleaning the toilet. Let me tell you that this should not be done because a lot of bacteria remain in the brush. Therefore, whenever you clean the toilet, then clean the toilet brush after that, leave it with a little cleaning vinegar to clean it. Doing this will allow the vinegar to do its job for a long time. When you see your toilet brush the next day
Fully cleaned and all bacteria gone

3. Always close the bowl

Always keep in mind that whenever you flush, keep the toilet lid down. If you do this, any bacterial whirlwind can be prevented from spreading in the bathroom. Many people feel that while flushing, not much water is spilled, but let me tell you, a lot of water spills in it, and bacteria also come out. That’s why I would advise you to close.

4. Leave all-purpose cleaners

Many people use Leave all-purpose cleaners to clean the toilet, so let me tell you that it is not necessary that you have to do the same. If you have to clean your toilet, then you mix vinegar and soda in a cup of water, then when you clean it, you will see that the toilet is completely clean. Friends, let me tell you that soda and vinegar work very well for cleaning.

5. Remove items from the room

There are many such things that if you keep in your toilet then they attract a lot of dust like air freshener, soap, scented candles. If you keep all these items in your toilet, then more cleaning will have to be done. Many people keep a rug in their toilet, due to which it attracts dust even more, so you should not keep the rug in the toilet because it contains a lot of bacteria from which you should stay away.

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